Soul Collector

Every red haired female born is cursed as a soul collector. Bound to serve Alamir God of the Dead and Afterlife, collecting souls throughout the country and carrying them as freckles on their skin. Returning the souls to the River of Death and Rebirth to be guided into the afterlife or chosen for rebirth in a new mortal form. Ostracized and outcast by most, their lives are ones of seclusion and animosity. Unable to have what they truly want. Love and family. Until one day a soul talks back and leads Sorrel, a young soul collector on a journey to find what she always wanted and what she never knew she needed. 

This is my current work in progress and is a story of fantasy and love. With mysterious gods and natural magic. Journey through the realm with Sorrel as she is thrust outside of her comfort zone. Helping a soul trapped on her flesh. Where both learn their true selves and the truth of the world they live in and the curse that forces Sorrel to collect the souls of the dead and dying. 

Joined by new friends gathered along the way. Sorrel must discover herself and decide if she can let herself love the man who's found his way into her heart. Or if she'll have to let him go and learn what is it to be truly alone.