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Only the rarest of daughters born with hair the color of fire are destined to be marked as Soul Collectors. Chosen by Alamir, the God of death and the afterlife, they are feared and loathed. Forcing them to travel in their customary wooden wagons across the land, all so that they may collect the souls that call them. Few know their origins, and fewer still care to. The people may pray to the gods, but their servants are less than appreciated.


One such collector Sorrel embraces her destiny and duty. Enduring a lifetime of derision and solitude, she believes the ability to help a soul pass on in peace to be a gift. Something beautiful to be celebrated. Yet not all appreciate her efforts or believe her to be doing the good she speaks. 

When an unexpected interaction with a soul leaves her questioning everything she has ever known, Sorrel must choose between her God’s demands and the demands of her heart. To follow her god given duty or follow the oddly alluring man who offers her that which she has desired her whole life. Unsure which choice is the right one, she must have faith in herself to succeed.

This is a story of fantasy and love. With mysterious gods and natural magic. Journey through the realm with Sorrel as she is thrust outside of her comfort zone. Helping a soul trapped on her flesh. Where both learn their true selves and the truth of the world they live in and the curse that forces Sorrel to collect the souls of the dead and dying. 

Joined by new friends gathered along the way. Sorrel must discover herself and decide if she can let herself love the man who's found his way into her heart. Or if she'll have to let him go and learn what is it to be truly alone.

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Soul Collector 


18-19 years old 

Born in Pine Hollow and adopted by Magda when she was only three days old

Red hair, silver-grey eyes with fair complexion.

Lives in a wood covered wagon with her pet fox Kai and her mare Hazel. 

Drinks peppermint tea with honey and makes her own lavender soaps. 



Sword Smith


22-23 years old 

Lives in Oceanfell with his mother and younger sister. 

Cobalt blue eyes, light brown hair and bronze tanned complexion.

Loyal and honorable, works hard to support his family. 

Desires to one day forge a blade for the king of Eastbourne. 


River 1.jpg


Novice Sage


20 years old 

Born and raised in Moon Haven. 

White-blond hair, jade green eyes and honey sun-kissed complexion.

Extremely optimistic and boisterous. 

Has 4 older brothers.

Was named after the River of Death and Rebirth.





21 years old 

Born in Ausitra aka the Westlands.

Shaggy dark brown hair, chocolate brown eyes with a deep bronze complexion.

Lives in a wood covered wagon, traveling in a caravan of wanderers.

Has great bandit and thieving skills.

Is as much a lover and he is a fighter.





Age unknown 

Birth place unknown.

Ink black hair and dark black eyes with pale porcelain complexion.

Likes to speak in riddles and obtuse statements.

Dislikes soul dealers. 

Lives in a dark creepy house in the middle of the Shadow Wood.

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