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Character Profile: Cayde

Introducing Cayde, the sword-smith. Cayde is 22 years old and lives in Oceanfell with his mother Amma and 13 years old sister Lysandra aka Lysie.

Cayde is tall and strong from years of wielding hammers over steal, giving him generous upper body strength. With golden tanned skin, deep blue eyes and honey brown light hair.

Cayde has been studying and practicing the art of metal working, creating swords and blades of all kinds since he was 14. He always had a draw to the beautiful intricacies of metal work. Creating blades not only worthy of battle but mantles. Becoming one of the most highly sought after sword-smiths in the city.

All his hard work and determination stems from his love of family and wanting to make his father proud. His father Victor who died of a sickness that swept through Oceanfell when he was just a boy. His whole life has been about supporting and providing for his family. So when he finds himself as just a soul on Sorrel's skin he is very distressed to say the least.

Cayde doesn't have many hobbies other than reading and forging blades. He's decently polite and courteous knowing in a city like Oceanfell it's all about who you know and your connections.

As an attractive and well educated man he is definitely sought after by a few of the ladies in town. But none of them seem to intrigue him enough for a serious commitment.

Cayde has a scar on his chin, we don't know from what but based on his childhood most likely a fight with other boys.

He is soft hearted behind all the gruff tough exterior. With a love for animals and super protective of his little sister. He may not seem like it but he is an honorable man. Taking the side of those who are good and right. Fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves.

He loves strawberries and anything made with them as well as a good ale every once in awhile to celebrate a job well done.

Ever since he was a young teen boy he's kept a journal where he writes to his deceased father. The father that bound and crafted the leather journal for him.

Unfortunately he grew up believing the gossip and rumors about soul collectors. Believing them to be evil and inhuman creatures. (Until he meets Sorrel, of course. Then he learns the truth)

He hates picked vegetables and has never traveled farther than the nearest city of SilkWater other than the one time he bought passage on a ship through the Cerulean Sea as it made its voyage from port to port along the eastern coast delivering its goods.

Cayde longs for something more but does not know what that more is.

He cannot dance like the lords and ladies of high hill but that doesn't stop him from enjoying the music.

Stubborn but willing to learn if you can show him why.

There is so much to Cayde and his character. His development from single minded sword-smith to finding out what HE wants in life. Not just what is expected of him.

You don't get to see too much of him in book one since he is just a disembodied soul most of of the time but I do think you get a good look at his growth and I hope to show you more in book 2.

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