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Character Profile: Zelia

Introducing Zelia, the spellcaster. Ages appears in the late twenties, actual age unknown. Using dark magic to extend her life beyond its original expiration date she could be eighty should could be two hundred and eighty.

Living in the deep secluded Shadow Woods she travels by portal to locations all over the country to sell her spells and potions.

Although not much is known about the mysterious Zelia she knows many things about others. With her gold mixed eyes she can see many things beyond the surface. Beyond the skin. She loves to speak somewhat obtusely, giving answers but never giving answers. She believes people should be able to figure things out on their own. She may give them a little push, but the rest is up to them.

She has a great distaste for the soul dealer and harbors an unknown hatred for her.

Although she may seem grumpy and displeased with everyone, she has a soft spot in her for Sorrel that is what leads to her joining their crusade to find the soul dealer.

Dressing all in black to match her straight black hair and dark eyes, she carries with her small satchels at her belt filled with elixirs, potions and tools of her trade. Including stones, bones, feathers, oils etc.

One piece in-particular that seems to have significant meaning to her is a small bone worn on a cord around her neck, no bigger than a finger bone.

She appears to have a vast knowledge of many things that we have yet to discover (which we might discover in book two)

She has no pets, no loved ones, no relatives and keeps to herself in her woodland home. Only venturing into towns when necessary.

As a spellcaster she is somewhat of a social pariah but not nearly as much as a soul collector. People fear her but only because of what she could do to them should they upset her. Many people accept spellcasters more openly than soul collectors. Simple because they can purchase magical items, spells, potions from them that is beneficial to their lives. Giving them power, prestige, youth, wealth, love, respect and can also take down their enemies. They are useful so therefor they are acceptable.

She may be angry at the world, but there is a reason for it. A reason set far in her past that she shares with no one.

Beyond her magic and home in the Shadow Wood not much is really known about the ominous spellcaster, yet.

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