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Her Favorite Jack-O-Lantern Cover Reveal

I know I posted this on social media and through my newsletter, but I thought I would make a blog post as well. Just to point out all the things I LOVE about it.

When I contacted Nat aka Speckled Plum with the idea for this cover I was afraid it might be too much. It was not. I think it's perfect. She got all the little details I asked for. I think because I went to school for fashion design I always have a very specific way I envision my characters dressing. Especially in Pinky Promise and this book since it's part of their overall character and personality, so getting them right is essential for it to look right in my mind. So I was ecstatic when I saw what she did with my description and reference photo's. This book contains an fmc and mmc that are very different from one another and I wanted to show that in the cover which is why I have Jack in his ACU's (Army Combat Uniform or camo's.) He also may where these in the book ;-)

Things in the cover that correspond to the book:

Two cats on the porch are her cat's Binx and Casper. Casper is named and styled after my own kitty who passed away this year.

The bat flying over head. Her adopted "friend", whom Jack may or may not be afraid of.

Her house in the background with all her spooky decorations. His house is on the back cover and I will be using these as the chapter headers.

Her bloody knife earrings, spider web shoes, and spider broach. These are small elements that appear in the book and aren't huge aspects but are still small details I love including.

The title itself just popped into my head as a play on words. The mmc is named Jack, Sally loves to carve pumpkins and halloween and everything spooky. It just made sense. I know it's a little longer title but it suits the book perfectly.

There are so many fun things that can be done with the halloween theming and I'm having so much fun with this one. I can't wait for everyone else to love it too.

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