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Lottie Pickle is known to the world as Alexandria, the famous glittering pop star. But the limelight is starting to burn and the things that once appealed to her as a young aspiring singer no longer shine with the brilliance of newly formed diamonds. Not to mention her overbearing momager who works her to the bone to make hit after hit. In the only way she knows how to escape life in her gilded prison she dawns a disguise and runs away. All the way to the small, quiet, unknown town of Snowberry, Montana.

Here she hopes to blend in and enjoy her small piece of sanctuary in her quaint log cabin. Sanctuary that’s interrupted by the town’s mayor and—unbeknownst to her—owner of the cabin she’s renting. But there’s more to the tall dark and handsome Hunter Evans than just being town mayor, he’s also a wolf shifter. And that’s not all, she’s supposedly his mate.

What more could a girl have to deal with while hiding from the paparazzi, a controlling mother, and millions of fans? Nothing much, just a blackmailing mob boss elf who wants the town of Snowberry for himself.

Caught between the unspoken rules of the non-human world and his need to protect his newly found mate, Hunter must decide; break the rules and keep the girl, or follow the rules and possibly lose his mate and the well-hidden haven they’ve built for non-humans?

Pre Order Sing Sweet Nightingale Paperback signed

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