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   I was born in Sacramento California in November of 1984. Currently I live in Orlando Florida. I moved here in 2017 with my husband Josh and two dogs Molly and Shep along with our cat Casper. Our reason for moving to Florida was so that I could work at one of the happiest places on Earth, DisneyWorld. (I no longer work here which is totally sad :-( but I still love it)

   I attended college in San Fransisco at the Academy of Art University, graduating with a Bachelor's degree in fine art. Emphasis in Fashion Design. That is why I became a seamstress at Disney World. 

   However as an artist I love all forms of art. Photography and writing being part of that passion. Always people watching and creating stories for those I saw passing by in airports and parks. One day I decided to start writing down my stories that I played out in my head. Discovering I wasn't half bad at it. So I started writing. It wasn't until my fifth book after four years of writing, did I decide to publish my stories. 

   I love reading many genre's of books from horror to YA fantasy to SciFi and beyond,. Romance novels caught my attention during the dreaded lockdown of 2020. Which is where I learned I like creating stories of interpersonal relationships in a variety of genres. 

   I've always been a hopeless romantic at heart and a little bit of a goof ball, and secretly perverse.  I love the down to earth happy romance of Rom-Com's. I've discovered I'm pulled towards the silly and sexy. I enjoy the fun humor and dirty naughty smut, so I combine it. But I love to create new worlds with magic and technology and things I'll never be able to see or experience in reality. Which is why I have written some fantasy and plan to venture into scifi in the future. 

   I'm also a huge a fan of traveling and food. Having had the great privilege to have traveled and eaten in 25 countries around the world. I love seeing different people and cultures and architecture. I feel this has greatly contributed to my ability to create and be artistic. 

   I only hope that all of you enjoy the crazy stories I come up with in my head. 


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