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Soul Collector

Book One

Only the rarest of daughters born with hair the color of fire are destined to be marked as Soul Collectors. Chosen by Alamir, the God of death and the afterlife, they are feared and loathed. Forcing them to travel in their customary wooden wagons across the land, all so that they may collect the souls that call them. Few know their origins, and fewer still care to. The people may pray to the gods, but their servants are less than appreciated.


One such collector, Sorrel, embraces her destiny and duty. Enduring a lifetime of derision and solitude, she believes the ability to help a soul pass on in peace to be a gift. Something beautiful to be celebrated. Yet not all appreciate her efforts or believe her to be doing the good she speaks. 

When an unexpected interaction with a soul leaves her questioning everything she has ever known, Sorrel must choose between her God’s demands and the demands of her heart. To follow her god given duty or follow the oddly alluring man who offers her that which she has desired her whole life. Unsure which choice is the right one, she must have faith in herself to succeed.

Content Warning: Death, prejudice, sexually explicit content

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