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JML Pre Orders

Well it's that time again for the next color in the Gummy Bear Orgy Series. The green book now known as Just My Luck.

The first "early bird" pre order will be happening on saturday Dec 2nd at 12pm EST, patreon early access at 11am EST.

Available will be green sprayed edge special editions, color font editions, black and white editions and swag packs.

I am now using a specialty printer to have the special editions made who will also be spraying the edges so I'll be able to have 500 made this time around. Which is awesome. Y'all are always asking for more sprayed edge editions so here you go!

They will be sold separately and there will be NO book box option. If you want art prints, stickers and pin make sure to add the swag pack to your order.

To stream line the packaging process I will NOT be offering any other items for sale to purchase with the pre order. If you are international please contact me directly and we may work something out.

There is also a limit to help prevent reselling at increased prices. Quantity of 3 per item per order.

Currently not all art has been shared publicly but will be over the next couple weeks.

There will be multiple pre orders prior to the release on March 5th. Three or four over the next couple months. So if you are unable to order now there will be other opportunities.

Thank you so much for making this series as successful as it is. I'm so happy you love reading them as much as I love writing them. I have so many plans for the next couple years and I can't wait for you to experience those stories.


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