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New Author Logo!

Not long ago I announced on social media about my new author logo. I shortly explained on Instagram why I decided to change my logo, even though my old one is still amazing.

Changing my logo was something I thought about for a while before actually changing it. I love my original logo, which is why I went back to the same artist to get my new one made.

The decision came about while I was writing my next book releasing fall 2024, which will be a urban paranormal novel. The first in a new series of interconnected standalone's.

Most people know me because of the Gummy Bear Orgy Series. Which I love. However contemporary rom-com's is not the only genre I write in and I felt most people thought that. Before the GBOS I had written a very emotionally deep Fantasy and after I needed a brain cleanse and decided to write something fun and easy with no angst, heartbreak, book throwing in agitation or cliffhangers. I wanted a one and done happy, fun, spicy book to just cleanse my palette. It just turned into a hit so I went with it. But after writing the first three in a row I want to shift and write other genres again, since that was the plan all along. To write single standalone's in the GBOS in between writing the more intense and deeper novels.

With that I thought this would be a good way to segway into the other genres I write in as well. A new logo that visually shows what you can expect from me.

Pointed ears and horns for fantasy.

Feline tail for paranormal.

Human female for contemporary.

Robotic cyborg arm for SciFi.

All these genres will be under the umbrella of romance. They will all be adult and spicy. Although with varying levels of spice. Some with more than others but it will be present in all. Because that's what I love to read and write about.

I'm so excited to write more books in many genres and I wanted everyone to know that. Thank you for your continued support and I hope you love everything I write no matter what genre it may be in. And if you don't like shifters that's ok because I write about other things as well.



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