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Book or Book Box?

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

For my next release of Pinky Promise in Jan 2023, I am planning on having a more expensive special edition of the book for the release.

There will only be about 50 of these books made and printed, they will be sold directly through my web site and most likely will go on pre-order a month or more before release.

The printed book will be a paperback with:

Full color interior

Additional full color NSFW art inside

Solid color sprayed edges with glitter

The Book Box will possibly include:

5x8 Art print

Acrylic Pin


Bookmark (laminated with tassel)

Gummy Bears

Additional Items not yet chosen

The price point will be higher for the Book and Book Box. Around $45 for the special edition book and around $65 for the Book Box.

So now my question. Would you want the Book only or Book Box?

Book or book box?

  • 0%Book Only

  • 0%Book Box

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