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Character Profile: River

Introducing River the Sage.

20 years old born and raised in Moon Haven the city made of moon stone and moss bordering the edges of the Valley of Souls. Filled with true believers and the Anthenaeum. A well cultivated and kept collection of manuscripts, books, scrolls and journals chronicling hundreds of years of information on the gods, the valley, the river and the soul collectors.

A curious minded girl looking for adventure and to learn all that she can of the world. Having never left her home in Moon Haven she willingly and optimistically joins Sorrel on her journey. Unable to staunch the flow of questions and curiosity. Recording everything in her journals to take back home and immortalize in the library.

Sweet and innocent but confident in herself with no shame or embarrassment for who she is and how she dresses. Which to some could be considered rather unorthodox and inappropriate. But to her is only one way she honors the Gods and soul collectors.

Energetic and open to new experiences. The only girl amongst four brothers.

Even with the heavy mantle of Sage on her shoulders she does not fear it but wears it with pride. Unencumbered by her duties. She still enjoys life and experiences without reservations.

Slightly naive of the world having never truly experienced the many flavors and colors of the people and the land. Which can in turn be a hinderance but also makes her slightly oblivious to the truth that surrounds her. Making her believe the best in people when they have no positive attributes and can lead her into situations she's not always able to navigate.

Simple and minimal in her living, allowing the Gods to guide her. With no greed or materialistic desires beyond what she truly needs to survive.

She loves to dance and sing.

Her favorite food is bread of every kind.

Having no knowledge of the evils in the world gives her a fearlessness that can be admired but also concerning.

River wants nothing more than to find a loving husband and to fulfill her life's role as a Sage of Moon Haven carrying on the traditions and adding to the accumulated knowledge of the library.

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