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Patreon Now active

Now active on Patreon is the Gummy Bear Orgy.

I'd been debating on starting a patreon, mainly concerned that I didn't have anything to post and that no one would want to be a member.

With the success of the Gummy Bear Orgy and rising popularity of my books things have been on the up and up. Which means I can keep creating more and more. So there's more to share. Like character art and cover art and early access to pre orders for special editions.

This is my first time creating a patreon so please forgive me if things are a little messy at first. However now that I've brought on some additional help with the back office stuff I've been able to lift a little bit of the weight of my shoulders to allow me to do more.

The monthly membership is $8. There is only one tier and one set of benefits currently. Which are all digital. There are no physical rewards just yet. I'm hoping to maybe do quarterly rewards in the future.

Currently these are the items I have planned as benefits for being a patreon:

- first look at all new character art, book covers and any new art of any kind

- 1 hour early access to pre orders and restocks (I considered 24 hours but then realized if I did that it would always sell out to patreon members and leave none for the public)

-behind the scenes posts about what I'm writing and my process

- WIP excerpts

Early access will function as follows: I will post a password in the patreon group for early access to pre orders and restocks. This password will give you access to a patreom member only page on my website where you will be able to place your order. During this hour of early access the main shop will be inaccessible to the public. Each pre order or restock early access will have a different password that will be posted on patreon prior to the sale.

As I grow as an author I plan on doing as much as I can. In adding more benefits and rewards to Patreon, possibly creating multiple tiers. As well as going to more signing events offering more special editions and art work. If I'm really lucky I'll get to be a part of a monthly book box. Who knows. It's only because of all of you that this is possible and I'm going to try my hardest to share as much with you as possible.

If you haven't yet become a member and want to, click the link below and take a peek. I promise it won't hurt.


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