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Character Profile: Sorrel

Introducing Sorrel. The soul collector. She is 18 years old and lives in her wood covered wagon with her pet fox for the majority of the time. Traveling through Eastbourne to collect the souls of the dead and dying.

Born a red-haired girl it has been her duty since her awakening at 12 years old to help in the collection of souls to return to the River of Death and Rebirth.

Created and ruled by Alamir the God of Death and the Afterlife her duty and calling were not a choice but a birth-right given to her unknowingly by the dark God.

Given up and abandoned as a newborn she was found by an elderly woman who kept her and raised her as her own.

She grew up in a home filled with laughter and love. It wasn't until she grew older and began collecting that she learned the true nature of people and how unkind and cold hearted they can be. Judging her and the others like her merely for the color of their hair and the freckles on their skin. Freckles that represent the souls of those they have collected and carry to the river.

To most being a soul collector is a burden and a curse. It is to Sorrel as well but she has been able to discover the beauty and goodness that can come from it. Giving peace to a dying soul while taking away their pain and grief to pass on to their next life. She wants to teach the people that soul collectors are not evil or dark. They simple must do that which no one else is willing.

Beyond her duties as a soul collector she has a love for the sea and wishes to one day travel it. With nothing but the stars to guide her. She has an adventurous spirit but does not allow it to take her from her path as a soul collector. Out of obligation and fear. Not knowing what would happen to those souls or her self if she were to abandon her duties. Instead keeping to herself and writing in her journal all the things she longs to do.

Educated in herbs and their properties she can make salves and teas utilizing their medicinal purposes to heal. Selling to apothecaries to make coin.

Although she is ostracized by society her adopted mother Magda taught her not to accept what others may say about her. To ignore their ignorance and move beyond their words. To be true to herself and what's in her heart. As such she does not hold animosity in her heart against the people. Only pity and exasperation at their inability to see the truth.

Even under scrutiny Sorrel remains optimistic and hopeful for the future. Her strong will and determination keeps her moving forward. Sticking to her beliefs and her heart. Believing that there is good in all people. No matter who or what they are.

Sorrel drinks lavender and mint tea, she also uses an oil of the same fragrance to wash her hair and skin.

She hates doing laundry because it's so time consuming. Can't cook much beyond the basic potato and roasted meat. And prefers to eat dried and jarred foods while on the road, since they last longer and take little preparation.

She has to sew most of her own clothes since many shopkeeps will not sell to her even though they are required to by law of the King.

As all soul collectors she has deep red auburn hair, her eyes are silver grey and the only freckles that are her own that do not represent souls are the freckles on her face. Her hair is long and thick and wavy and she rarely knows what to do with it. Tying in back in a knot or simple plated braid.

She is kind to animals and has a pet fox named Kai, who more chose her than the other way around.

She is surprisingly strong and agile. Able to climb buildings and scale walls to get close enough to collect a soul.

She only possesses one old knife that she carries in her boot for protection and hunting.

The only boy she has ever kissed was when she was 15 and not another since.

She hates the taste of ale but loves wine and the color blue.

She can be stubborn at times and doesn't know how to dance.

Most importantly she lives with her whole heart. In the hopes that one day things might change for soul collectors. Even though she knows the likelihood of that is minimal.

Sorrel is the main character in Soul Collector. It is her we follow on her journey. Learning to not judge by looks alone and to open oneself to the possibility of more. We watch her grow and learn and step beyond her limit of duty and responsibility as she helps a lost soul return to his body. Changing not only herself but him as well. As they grow to love one another and find something they didn't even know they were looking for within each other.

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