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Hardback Edition Cover Art

I have been trying for the life of me to figure out what style I want the hardback edition cover to be in. I've gone through floral, item, clip art, surrealistic and even realism. And I've basically come full circle back to character art. So I've decided to have an artist I love and have worked with draw a scene from the book with Henry and Lala. So here's where I need you. There are so many good options for scenes that I would like your input on which scene should be the new cover. If you haven't read the book yet then just pick which ever one sounds best to you. If you don't see the scene you think would be best leave a comment with your idea. Here are the options:

  1. Henry & Lala at the farmers market with her boba booth

  2. trampoline park

  3. a scene from the heinz ketchup museum- the non date date

  4. Henry carrying Lala to her pink bus

  5. Lala in wheelies or at his apartment wearing roller skates

  6. playing in the ball pit

  7. dancing at the fund raiser gala

  8. Lala sitting on the counter in her bus with Henry between her legs

  9. Henry lifting Lala in front of her tiny trailer he bought her at the end

Which scene should be the alternate cover for the hardback edition?

  • 1- farmers market

  • 2- trampoline park

  • 3- heinz museum

  • 4- outside pink bus

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