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HFJOL pre orders - Thank you

Thank you so much to everyone who pre ordered Her Favorite Jack-O-Lantern on July 1st. You have no idea how grateful I am to all of you and your support. I never thought this series would be so popular. I know most of you came for the color font and NSFW art but stay for the smut. ;-) And I'm so happy you're here.

I published three books prior to Pinky Promise and just accepted that I wouldn't be a super popular author or catch on with people. But that didn't deter my writing. I still enjoyed it and kept at it.

If you know anything about the Gummy Bear Orgy, you'll know that none of it was planned. I didn't strategize a marketing campaign or research the market or any of that. I basically wrote a book for myself with art I liked and made it colorful because I wanted to. I thought people might like it but not become obsessed with it like y'all have. I'm so glad you all love it as much as I do. I made it full color because everything I was seeing on the market was only black and white and when I realized I could print color I just thought, "why not?" just like Lala in Pinky Promise.

I can't wait to bring the rest of the colors to life I already have tropes and ideas and even titles and plots for almost all the rest of the colors. I hope everyone will continue to take this journey with me and enjoy what I write. :-) It's because of all of you that I can do this almost completely full time now and I'm so thankful, I'm just not always the best at showing it being neurodivergent. So even though I may not make a touching crying video know that I do feel extremely grateful.

With sweet but naught Love,


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