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High Demand

I would like to start by thanking everyone who has ordered and/or read Pinky Promise. It's getting far more attention and love than I anticipated. I'm so happy that people are loving the book and don't hate it lol.

And apparently my own personal obsession with Pink and making everything pink is well appreciated. I made the pink font version just for fun because I liked the way it looked and honestly didn't think this many people would freak out over it and want it too.

Just fyi I do plan on doing a version like this for every book. ;-)

I also know lot of people would really love to purchase the pink sprayed edge version. Another thing I didn't think would be so coveted. I knew readers liked sprayed edges but didn't think that many would want my book that they've never read and never heard of. I am discussing it with my sprayer but it's really up to her and her availability as she is also a small business with other clients. She does other collaborations and has a very busy schedule. But I'm going to see if we can do another run of Pinky Promise on a pre order. But I can't promise anything or that after that I'll do any more.

I will do sprayed edge book boxes for each release of a book, but I do everything myself and can only handle so much volume of work (as I also have a part time day job I still have to work). However for next time I will be doing more and I will also split it up into two chunks so that they don't sell out before release week.

I'm doing as much as I can on my own and I thank you for your patience as I fill orders and mail them out as fast as I'm able. I'm trying to meet the high demand for the pink font book as best I can.

Thank you again for all your support! I can't wait to bring you all the rest of the colors in the Gummy Bear Orgy.


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