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I'm obsessed with Character Art

Having such great characters and series to work with kinda had me going overboard with character art. I couldn't help myself. I just kept wanting more and more. And when I found @lucielart on instagram and saw their commissions were open I just had to have them draw Henry and Lala.

I love how this turned out with them all cute and cuddly in the pink ball pit. Which if you haven't read the book yet you wouldn't get the reference but trust me it's a good scene. ;-)

I always liked fan art and character art and when I discovered how much others liked it too I figured I could never go wrong with more. Plus I kinda figured my book wouldn't be popular enough to warrant people making their own fan art, and if I wanted to see my characters I'd have to make them myself.

So here you have it more character art :-) As well as CHIBI'S! I saw other character chibi's done by another author and when I saw them I just had to have some done. I'll definitely be doing this from now on. I mean how could I not? Look how adorable they are.

Both of these will be available in swag items, in the special edition book box and in the swag add on, as a print and glitter sticker.

I may not have the special edition sprayed edged book after the book box sells out but these will always be available in the future.

I think I'm going to have to create a wall collage of all the art from the Gummy Bear Orgy Series. It'll be so cool once it's complete with all the colors.

Basically if you like character art I'm always going to have plenty of it. If I can afford it, which means I need people to buy my books and swag. So go buy it! :-)

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