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New Paperback interior cover

Introducing the interior cover of the full color paperback edition for all future Gummy Bear Orgy Series books. This is the pink version, each book will have their corresponding color.

Let me tell you when I discovered this was possible I was tickled pink. I get to put an actual gummy bear orgy in the books.

Starting with the restock on April 26, 2023 . (unless it looks like shit, which I doubt it will)

Everything else about the full color edition paperback will be the same, pink font, pink chapter headers, full color NSFW art on page 215, and full color title. Hopefully I won't have as many printing error or shipping damage using Ingram Spark now instead of B&N press. On a side note I'll probably list those damaged copies for sale at a discounted price at some point or do a giveaway. Because I have at least 6 now.

Not much else to say on the subject. I just wanted to share it here so everyone could get a closer look at the gummy bear orgy.

Please enjoy.


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