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New Year, new web site, new newsletter

2021 for me was far worse than 2020. Although there were good things, such as publishing my first two books and finding myself elbow deep in booktok, as well as building out my office and home library. There was one major event that overshadowed everything and left a bitter taste in my mouth. I lost my job and not just to downsizing or losses from covid. No they fired me for something I did on my personal time that had nothing to do with me being an employee. Something that was rectified after the fact and caused no harm to anyone. What's horrible is that they flagged me in their system as a no rehire. Meaning I can never again apply for ANY job EVER with this company again.

Needless to say I've been seriously depressed over the whole issue. Writing is a passion but my job was not only my passion but my lifetime stable career. It was a dream job with a dream company. The one and only job I've ever had that I LOVED and looked forward to going to every single day. It was also a specialized position that isn't easy to come by. Or easy to replace.

In order to wash away the bad juju of 2021 I've refreshed everything for 2022. I'm changing up my newsletter format and delivery. I will know only be sending out one or two per month instead of one per week. I'm hoping this will limit the spaminess of it. Helping to focus my newsletters on the important stuff. Like books and my up and coming books. And bookish swag that I hope to add to my shop. And so much more.

I am now working from home for my family members business. Which allows me more time to work on my writing and everything that comes along with it. It gives me more freedom to focus on my writing and publishing my next book(s).

So here's to 2022 and it being better than the last.

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