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Phoenix: Almost there

Phoenix is my debut novel, if you don't already know that by now. And i've had to learn a lot of things about an industry I knew nothing about. Editors, cover artists, proofreaders, formatters, PA's. I'd like to think I got a good first grasp of things. Although I know there's a ton more to come, hopefully.

Now only one month and some change away from releasing my first Romance novel I've kicked it up into high gear. Launching my newsletter today with the help of my PA's Haney & Hayes PR. . They've been god sends in helping me with my launch. Making sure I have everything I need to succeed after a little editing set back pushed the release date from Feb to March.

Next week is the cover reveal which is awesome. I can finally start sharing all the beautiful art work with y'all courtesy of Cover Me Darling. The bestest cover designer I could have asked for. Marisa completely understood what I was looking for and gave me the cover of my dreams. She is also responsible for my beautiful author logo and branding.

It's kind of awesome and humbling to be able to self publish. I've been playing with the idea for years and finally decided to pull the trigger during the pandemic. Which game me all the time I needed to write and brainstorm for me debut. By the time I decided to self publish I'd already self edited three times. Now I hope to be able to write all the time and bring my fantasy stories to page for everyone of you to enjoy.

Like all authors I fear no one will like what I have to write. But realistically in the entire population there has to be at least one maybe two who will like it. Right? Here's hoping anyways. In one week I managed to accumulate over 400 newsletter subscribers based off only the teaser of Phoenix. Which kind of took me by surprise but totally made me giddy.

I'm already balls deep in the second book in the Colton Cousins series and will announce it in the coming months after Phoenix's release. I hope to be able to publish at least 4-5 books this year.

So if you're not already subscribe to my newsletter to get weekly updates on what's to come, what I'm up to, what I'm reading and what music I'm listening to. There'll also be plenty of book recommendations and special deals.

Ok shameless self promoting aside I couldn't be happier with how my first release is starting out. I never really thought my writing was that great but sometimes you just have to put yourself out there and let the world take you where it may. Hopefully my wind will blow me upstream.


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