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Restock of Pinky Promise

I was not prepared for this.

I thought having 50 copies of the special edition book box and 30 copies of the pink font print would be enough. Boy was I wrong. Y'all are ravenous for the pink font. I am super grateful that everyone is loving not only the outside but the inside of the book as well.

As most know I had a little snafu with the printing of my pink font pre orders. Where B&N press left my order pending for 3 weeks then cancelled the order the week before release. Since, I have reordered the original 30 copies plus and additional 40 copies for my first restock of pre orders and now I have placed yet another order for the next restock of 30 copies. (not yet listed on my site for sale)

This has more than exceeded my expectations for sales. I'm so blown away by all the support and love I've been receiving for this book. This is my 4th published book and nothing like this even remotely happened for my previous releases.

You all are asking so much about the sprayed edge special edition copies that I may do more of them in the future, but in hardback instead of paperback. Nothing is set in stone yet but I have been toying with the idea and playing around with alternate cover concepts.

Don't worry once I do know for sure I will announce it on social media and through my newsletter.

As for current open orders once I receive the books they will go out. You will receive an email with shipping notification and tracking.

Swag items and art prints will also be restocked. They will be available for individual purchase rather than as a package. I am working on adjusting the shipping rates so if all you want is a sticker or two you won't have to pay $11 for shipping. I'm not a techy computer person and I haven't managed to figure out the settings for my web site just yet. I do everything myself including build and maintain my website so I will do my best.

Until then thank you for all your support and love I can't wait to bring you book 2 the color orange, in September. It will be Halloween themed and I'm already loving it and can't wait for you to meet Jack and Sally!

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