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Too many choices

I am currently working on creating the hardback edition of Pinky Promise and I cannot decide what to choose. This is going to be an illustrated edition with 4-6 brand new illustrations and I can't decide which scenes to include. I've already chosen one that I commissioned but when I started listing out all the other possibilities I realized there are so many good ones to choose. So I need your help editing the list down.

These are two scenes I already know will be included:

  1. When Lala goes to Henry's house for the first time on her roller skates

  2. At the very end when Henry wins Lala back with her tiny trailer at Fawn's baby shower

Please vote below for your favorite scene(s) to help me choose. There will be no NSFW illustrations as this will be available wide through all retail sites. If there's a different scene you would like to see that isn't listed please leave it in the comments.

Which scenes do I choose?

  • Fist pinky promise at Fawn's house

  • Boba booth at market with Henry & Lala

  • Cuddled on Henry's couch watching Indiana Jones

  • Henry's Birthday Dinner

You can vote for more than one answer.

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